Twin Flame Telepathy During Separation – True or False

When two soul mates join their energy they are able to develop an authentic twin flame telepathy, one of the strongest bonds that you can have with another person.

The telepathy is well known as the ability to transfer your thoughts or feelings to someone else by using nothing more than the power of the mind. You don’t even need to be in the same room or have visual contact with the target person. When it comes to the twin fame telepathy you may experience it without even being on the same country.

You know when you find a special person in your life, you feel something different about him or her. Something that nobody else is able to make you feel. This is caused because of the strong spiritual connection that you two have, the more compatible your two souls are the strongest is this bond.

There are many twin flame telepathy stories around the web about how two people, hundreds of miles away from each other, were aware of the other person feelings and thoughts. If you already have met your soul mate in your life then it is really likely that you two become able to develop a true telepathy.

5 Most Important Twin Flame Telepathy Symptoms


  1. “You feel butterflies in your stomach”. This is absolutely the most common symptoms that you experience when you are close to your soul mate. It is a well known feeling but really hard to describe.
  2. You “feel” his/her presence. You detect when that person enters or leaves the building or the space where you are in. You don’t have to get visual contact. You just know.
  3. You can feel the warmth of them. When you are close to that person you get a feeling of safety and comfort that nobody else is able to give you.
  4. You know how she/he feels. You don’t have to even see their face. When that person has a mood change you just feel it and immediately know what it is.
  5. You know what the other person would do. It is easier for you to know how that person would react in a certain situation. It is easier for you to be “in their shoes” than with anyone else.

twin flames exposed bookThe Ultimate Test – True Twin Flame Telepathy

Most of people have discovered to have the twin flame telepathy during separation. Sometimes when you get to know your soul mate, you tend to spend the most of your time with that person for the rest of your life.

This is why most of people never get aware of this incredible skill within them.

You have to be careful with false cases of telepathy. I recommend you to take a look at the book Twin Flames Exposed by Elle Hari. This is when you are not communicating mentally with the other person. You just happen to know each other really well and that way you can “predict” what the other person is thinking.

Always remember that all of the psychic skills are inside your mind. They might be dormant but with the proper training it is possible to unlock it. You have to consider that the twin flame separation can be a huge obstacle to discover your mind reading power.

You need to be close to your twin flame to increase your natural energy.