5 Hidden Secrets of Mentalism Revealed

Join us in the revelation of five of the most amazing mentalism secrets that you didn’t know about. Use these secrets to unlock the hidden powers of your mind and transform your life in ways you have never imagined.

Maybe you have heard of different mentalism training where you can learn to develop a couple of simple tricks. This will allow you to begin your journey to discover the true energy of your mind.

However, there are some secrets that the true mentalists don’t want you to know about. These are going to help you a lot in your psychic development. It is important that you understand how powerful these secrets are before you use them.

mentalism-secrets-revealedTrue Mentalism Secrets Exposed

  1. Lips Reading.- This is one of the most overlooked techniques used by true mentalists. Sometimes achieve what you want is so simple that it is not necessary for you to waste your energy. Simple observation can do the job for you. Pay attention to your subject’s lips, learn to read them without hearing his or her voice, learn to notice all the small but important changes and you will be able to also read their personality.
  2. Point to the west while walking to the east.- The base of this mentalism secret comes from the misdirection. Everyone is wearing a mental shield around them because every single person has secrets or something to hide. You need to confuse them a little bit in order to make them put that guard down.
  3. The mighty combination.- It is important that you learn a little bit about the emotional buttons that each one of us has. Learning how to push them in the correct order will give you a new perspective to the world and to your own mental powers.
  4. Talk directly to the subconscious mind.- The access to the subconscious is the ultimate secret of a true mentalist. If you are able to reach it you can discover a power beyond your understanding. We recommend you to practice and learn how to read your own subconscious thoughts before trying it out with another subject.
  5. The art of hypnotism.- This is the last and one of the most powerful secrets. This is technique creates a psychic communication between you and the mind. The downside for this secret is that the subject must accept willingly to be hypnotized in order to work.

We hope that you have found these mentalism secrets really useful for your future training. Remember that some of these are really effective and complicated methods that will require constant practice and effort from you.

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