5 Recommended NLP Training Books to Read People’s Minds

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the psychological term to describe the power of reading minds. Take a look at this top 10 of the best NLP training books that you will find.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner in the world of NLP or if you already are an expert with years of experience. In this list, you are going to find just what you need to for your learning of human behavior.

People believe that NLP is another way to hypnotize others or reading their minds and they are not wrong. The Neuro Linguistic Programming allows you to understand what other people are thinking and figure out their intentions without even noticing.

An experienced user of the NLP who already has gone through different kinds of practical training is even capable of change the way other people think about any subject.

Best NLP Books for Sale

Make sure to through the entire list of recommended NLP books so you choose the best one for your current level of expertise. Do not pick a book only because it is in a higher spot. Just make sure to choose the one you really need. Just click on the book’s cover to make a purchase, get more information or reviews.

neuro-linguistic-programming-book-sale5. Introducing NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People

In this book Introducing NPL by Joseph O’ Connor, an international NLP trainer. You are going to learn all the essential practical skills that you need to develop your skills.

Discover the right way to create rapport with others, influencing other people and understanding the body language in a matter of seconds.

Learn how to hack your brain to accelerate your learning and thinking. This book is a must for any enthusiast in the world of NLP.


essential-nlp-training-book4. The Big Book of NLP, Expanded

In a regular training book to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you usually learn between ten and twenty useful and practical techniques.

The Big Book of NPL Expanded offers you over 350 different techniques that you can put into practice at the moment. Here is a little bit for everyone with any level of expertise.

If you really are into the subject and do not know where to start then this book is probably the best choice. This will be your perfect companion in your journey to learn about human behavior.


nlp-training-book-beginners3. NLP the Essential Guide

This is one of the best selling books who have helped hundreds of people to change their lives and their relationships.

The Essential Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you to understand the whole process of thinking. Learn how you can optimize your brain to work at its full capacity and learn the necessary habits to improve your life.

If human brains came with an instruction booklet, this book would cover a great part of it.


nlp-top-5-books-training2. NLP: The New Technology of Achievement

This book is presented in an excellent way so you can understand step-by-step how does the Neuro-Linguistic Programming really work.

NPL: The New Technology of Achievement is a full study guide for a twenty-one-day program. This course is going to help you as you learn and develop all the skills you need to boost your performance in your work and in your life.

This training program has helped other people to actually create a blueprint that helps them to achieve real success in their lives. Become one of them with this amazing book.


nlp-training-book-sale1. NLP Workbook

The NPL Workbook by Joseph O’ Connor that takes the 1st place in our Top 5 PNL Training books is also known as a Practical Guide to Achieve the Results YOU Want.

If you really want to become a master of the human mind then this is the book you really need. With this, you can turn the hypnotism into something real.

Discover how to overcome and control your own mind before you try with others. Learn how to choose your emotional state and improve your internal dialogue.

This workbook has all the NLP techniques you will ever need as well with a group of exercises so you can polish your skills. The exercises are shown in a way that you can actually feel the progress as you go through the book.


Learn how to visualize and take a mental picture of the life you really want so you can turn it into a reality.

If at the moment you don’t have the money to invest in one of the recommended NLP books in this list. Remember that you can always find free pdf guides that you can download online. Take a look at those reports so you can start immediately with your mental training.