How to Read The Tarot With Normal Playing Cards

Come and discover how to perform a tarot card reading with normal playing cards that will give you an amazingly accurate prediction. Understanding each card meaning is the most important thing when using tarot as a fortune-telling method.

There are three things in tarot that you must understand to perform an accurate reading:

  1. An effective method to shuffle the cards correctly.
  2. A proper way to spread the cards on the table.
  3. Learning the meaning of each one of the cards.

If you fail in either of these three things you probably won’t get a very accurate reading.

It may take you just a few minutes to understand the basics of the tarot card reading with normal playing cards but you might need a couple of hours or even days to polish your technique.


The best way to learn how to do a good tarot card reading is to be taught by somebody else who has experience in this.

That way you have a trustful source to compare how accurate your predictions are. If, on the other hand, you are learning by yourself it is important that you study the techniques for card reading and the card meanings as much as you can. This will improve the natural flow of energy during the reading.

How to Do a Tarot Card Reading With Normal Playing Cards

Here you can watch a video that shows you a simple spread of three tarot cards to represent a reading of past, present, and future.

We recommend you to do this kind of reading until you feel comfortable with your knowledge of the playing card meanings.

The only thing you need to do is to shuffle and spread the three normal cards the way is shown on the video. Just download our guide with the meanings of the normal playing cards to get started.

Remember that it is probable that your tarot card readings don’t result as accurate at the beginning but it is just a matter of practice.

One common question among the people who are interested in learning tarot card reading with normal playing cards is “What about the reversal meanings?”, this is when a card is drawn upside down from the deck because the regular cards are symmetrical top and down. You can fix this by just writing a mark on the top of each card.

Remember that for this kind of tarot card reading using regular playing cards you are allowed to use any deck you want.

Even though we recommend you to use a new one or one that has only a few use marks to avoid any alteration on your tarot reading.