How to Talk to A Real Psychic With No Credit Card Required

Have you been trying to talk to real psychics online for free with no success? Are you sick of dealing with surveys or downloads of phony software? Do not worry anymore because here is the solution to your problems.

It should be an easy task to get a psychic reading at no cost on the Internet but sadly it isn’t. There are many dangerous websites that are just trying to get away with your money or that deliver fake psychic readings made by robots.

You should always be skeptical when a website requires you to complete a survey or download some sketchy software to get your psychic reading. Most of the times you will not get what you are looking for with this kind of system.

Enter to try an authentic psychic reading

The only software that a legit psychic portal online is going to require from you is the Adobe Flash Player for your internet browser. It is the base for most of the online chats on the Internet.

Where Can I Talk To Real Psychics Online for Free?

There is one psychic network on the web that you can trust and that is It is an amazing website that allows you to chat directly with professional psychics if you sign up for a free membership.

It is not required that you enter your credit card information. Oranum works with a credits based system. This means that you can exchange real money for extra credits to ask for personalized psychic readings.

If you register your free account today, you will get 9.99 credits instantly to your account so you can try first hand a psychic consultation immediately.

Another great thing about Oranum is that they have built a directory of hundreds of different professional psychics for you. This allows you to access any chat on the network at no cost.

It could take some time to get your questions answered with no credits at all, but at least you could take a look at the different psychic and choose the one that you feel more comfortable with.

You can also take a look at the questions that other people are asking in the psychic chat and check if one of their problems is connected to yours. For example, most people in the world are looking to get more wealth and love in their lives. It is likely that some of the psychic advice might apply to you as well.