4 Weeks To Completely Master Mentalism

Unleash the full power of your mind with this guide on how to study Mentalism in only a month. A perfect method for beginners to start developing their inner powers.

Mentalism is also known as the ultimate version of the intuitive power of the mind. It allows the user (mentalist) to see things beyond the regular five senses of the human being.

As a true mentalist, you will be able to read other people’s minds and see beyond their actions. People will reveal everything about themselves without speaking a single word. Everything is crystal clear before the eyes of a mentalist.

There are some pretty good books on mentalism online that will guide you through all the basics. It is a great way to start developing your mental powers.

Yet some extra guidance is always beneficial to speed up the learning process and guarantee good results. This is why I present you today with this guide to study mentalism and learn the tricks of the mind in only 4 weeks.

Full Guide to Study Mentalism

Here is everything explained step-by-step of everything you need to do develop your mentalist powers quick. Be sure to follow every step as directed to succeed in your training.

Step #1 – Make Your Purpose Clear

This training is meant to get you started in the world of mentalism. There is a ton of knowledge available and true mentalist dedicates their whole lives to learn and develop their powers.

Find out about the specific power you are interested in and focus only on developing that area of your mind: Do you want to read minds? Would you like to manipulate opinions? Do you want to hypnotize everyone around you without them noticing?

Step #2 – Schedule Your Training

Dedicate at least 1 hour of your day to the study of your chosen technique. This might be difficult for people on a busy schedule but if you really want to develop these powers you must do the effort.

It is ok to separate that hour into two sessions of 30 minutes. Just make sure you have a private area to practice as distractions might interrupt your progress.

Step #3 – Pick Notes and Resources

Thanks to the Internet you have virtually unlimited access to all the information you need. Dedicate the first 15 minutes of each session to read about the ability you are interested in. Take as many notes as you need for quick reference in the future.

This is going to help you to understand a little bit more each day about the power that you want to achieve. Your subconscious mind will start working on it even if you do not notice it.

Do not forget that books, such as 13 Steps to Mentalism, are also an excellent resource to awaken the powers of your mind. I still recommend them as the information is much more valuable when it comes from an experienced mentalist.

study mentalism beginnersStep #4 – Practice Your Skills

You already know the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Learning mentalism is 50% theory and 50% practice. You need to understand the concepts before you can apply them in real life.

The first two weeks, practice with your own mind before trying it out with someone else. Question everything about your powers and techniques.

Pay attention to your mistakes and think of different ways to correct them.

It is impossible to control other people’s minds if you do not learn to control yours first.

Step #5 – Perseverance

This basic training on the study of mentalism covers only the first four weeks of your journey.

Some people are born with these skills within them and might see results within the first five days.

While others might take a little bit more than a month to unlock the powers of their mind. Do not give up and continue with your training. Keep on your mind the reasons you have to learn mentalism. Think about how great your life would be with these new powers.


I have found that learning a few easy mental tricks to use immediately with friends and family is a huge confidence boost to keep going with your training.

Here is my most recommended mind reading trick that anyone can learn in only a couple of hours. Take a look at is a quick video so you can see its full reach and the reaction you can get from people around you.

It is an extremely simple low-level mentalism trick with pretty amazing results for the regular mind. But it guarantees to amaze anyone around you in only an instant.