How to Perform Mentalism Tricks Revealed to You – Secrets Exposed

You want to become a true mentalist and the best way to do so is studying the real material. We have here a compilation of mentalism tricks revealed.

Learn from a true mentalist the secrets behind the feats. Discover the key to unlock the power of your mind. Change your life and the world around you with the use of these strong mental techniques.

Maybe you have heard before “A true magician never reveal his secrets”. Maybe they are right but in this case, we are not talking about magic, we are talking about mentalism.

It happens the same in any form of art in the world. If you do not transmit the knowledge that you have to the rest of the world, that knowledge is going to die with you.

The most powerful mentalists in the world prefer only to share the techniques that they have achieved with the people they trust the most. But a few others have decided to make this world a better place because human beings can achieve an overwhelming potential just by releasing the hidden secrets of the mind.

4 Amazing Mentalism Tricks Revealed in 1 Book

Some of the most popular mentalism tricks revealed in just a few pages within this book. They include supernatural memory skills, accurate predictions, natural body language reading, and the ultimate hypnosis. This book covers all of these mentalism skills.


Always keep in mind that mentalism is something that you need to practice in order to master. You could easily watch any video online that explains the performance of any trick or feat.

In less than 5 minutes reading Mentalist Secrets Revealed you will be able to learn everything about how to do the trick but it could take you hours and even days of practice to master it and be able to do it in an unprepared situation.

One recommendation that we have for you when reading this or any of the mentalism books is to practice with a friend.

Find somebody that is also interested in becoming a mentalist or someone you can trust not to reveal your mentalism tricks to your audience.

That person will be able to give you the most accurate feedback to your skills so you know you are going in the right way.