3 Tools To Perform Mind Reading Tricks

Become a master of mentalism with the equipment of the professionals. Transform your life with these reading mind tricks essentials that will blow your mind.

Here you can see a collection of a few materials to apply reading mind tricks useful for anyone who wants to expand the knowledge of the mental powers.

There is something for everyone here if you want to show everybody to demonstrate that you are special and a gifted person then you have come to the right place.

Mentalism Master Gear

mentalism magic kitIt was just unbelievable when I got this Chris Angel MindFreak Platinum Magic Kit. This amazing box includes over 250 MindFreak magic tricks that anyone can do. Ready to be learned with a step-by-step instructional DVD.

Among the amazing things included there are two different decks of cards and the secret Criss’ Angel floating device! It is just out of this world.

Different tricks such as Floating Napkin, Rising Card, Water From Dollar and Rising Ring, have turned me from an amateur illusionist to a mentalist master from one day to another. Also including reading mind tricks to blow people’s minds.

People from all ages are amazed by Chris Angel’s magic, learn by yourself or become the coolest parent ever by giving away this ultimate gift.

 Become A Sleight Of Hand Master

mind fooling coin trickDon’t ever forget that the most impressive mentalist tricks are the ones that you can perform anywhere and anytime.

Even better if you are using borrowed materials, so the skeptical know for sure that you are not using just a prepared magic trick.

Modern Coin Magic is a set of 4 DVDs that show you over 170 different coin tricks that you can learn.

Going from beginner to advanced level you can feel how easily you progress as you become even better in the craft of deceiving people’s minds.

If you are just starting in the world of mentalism I can’t recommend this enough to you, this will teach you all the basics that you need to start building your reputation as a master on the mental arts.

Reading Mind Tricks to the Next Level

reading-mind-tricksDo you know how it feels when you just look at someone and you instantly know everything about them? Well, I know the feeling and I have been doing it since I read What Everybody Is Saying By Joe Navarro, an Ex-FBI Agent.

Some people call it just reading mind tricks, others call it body language, but the result that you get is exactly the same, you know other people’s thoughts even before themselves.

With this book, you will learn skills used by the FBI to understand and analyze the nonverbal language

You will learn the ancient survival instincts that drive the body language, what the thumbs, feet, and eyelids reveal about moods and motives, the behaviors that reveal our true confidence and sentiments, among other things.

This is not just another of the reading mind tricks around the web. Since I read this book my life has improved exponentially as these techniques allow me to always be one step ahead of the others in my work and in my relationships. This is something that you just can’t miss.