How to Read Tarot Card Messages for Beginners

You probably are not going to believe how easy it is to learn how to read tarot card messages. It will only take you a couple of days or even hours to start doing readings like a true psychic.

Here you are going to find all the essential information you need to become a professional tarot card reader. It is important that you keep an open mind at all times to speed up the learning process.

There are four important things that you need to fully understand in order to perform a real and accurate tarot reading by yourself.

wild unknown tarot deck1. Know Your Tarot Deck

The regular tarot deck includes a set of 78 different cards, 56 of them are Minor Arcana and the other 22 are Major Arcana.

The vast majority of tarot decks you will find in the market are built this way. You can work with a tarot deck even if it is not conventional but make sure that the guide you read matches with your deck.

If you do not have your own cards yet, then I recommend you to get The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck for starters. It is one of the most recommended by professional psychics as it also includes a great guide to help you get started.

2. Understand the Meaning of Each Card

This is the part that takes people most time to master. Of course, you can always take a look at the meaning of each card in your cellphone or an instruction booklet.

The problem is that all these interruptions are really harmful to tarot reading. They mess with the flow of energy and the link you have created with the universe.

It is fine to look at a definition every once in a while but try to learn all of them before performing a psychic reading on an important question.

Learning the meaning and the inverse meaning of each card in your tarot deck will also make you feel more confident about your own skill.

3. Become Familiar With Your Cards

A technique used by professional tarot card readers is to create a special link with their deck.

You need to analyze and take your time to observe every detail on the art of each card. You need to instantly recognize each one of your cards while doing the reading just by glancing it for less than a second.

This is the reason most psychics find it difficult to work with new tarot decks to get accurate readings. They usually keep their favorite deck for themselves, for premium clients or for emergencies.

4. Master a Single Tarot Card Spread

A tarot card spread is a way you take the cards from your deck and how you place them on the table. The order that these cards are placed and displayed is really important to get an accurate reading.

There are dozens of different tarot card spreads depending on the kind of reading that you are performing. As a starter, you don’t have to worry about all of them. Focus on the one that seems the easiest for you to learn.

It all depends on the information that you are trying to get from the universe. The simple fact of locating your question between the past, present or future might mean that you will need a totally different spread.

Here you can take a look at this video where you can learn one of the best tarot cards spreads for beginners.

Experts will agree that if you want to become a true tarot card reader you will need to learn the different tarot card spreads.

learn tarot bookHowever, when you are just starting it is better to learn and become the master of a single spread. This will boost your confidence in the power of your readings.

Once you create an astrological link with your tarot deck, you will begin to understand the meaning of all the different cards and master a single card spread. It will become way easier to advance in your training afterward.

After taking a look at many different tarot learning guides, I can tell you that you should go for the book Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning as it is a great place to start.

Once you get started, it will become much easier for you to continue your learning. Try to meditate every day to keep your doubts away and focus your mind on developing your real powers.

The tarot is not only about the meaning of each individual card. It is about the connection that you have with them, with astrology, numbers, elements and the Kabbalah.