How to Know If You Have Clairvoyance Powers – Psychic Test

Some people need to train for years while others are born with the psychic powers within. Learn if you are one of those with our clairvoyance test online and discover your inner mental skills.

There are many mental skills that you can develop such as telepathy, clairvoyance, awareness of supernatural beings, telekinesis, etc. Today we present you this clairvoyance test so you can find out if this is one of the skills that you have.

Clairvoyance is the ability to obtain information about an object, person, place or event without using your five normal senses. It is something that you are only able to see through your mind.

Sometimes this ability is triggered by having contact with an specific object or location. Other people only are able to experience this while they are asleep.

Discover If You Are Gifted – Take Our Clairvoyance Test

clairvoyance-testThis is a really simple clairvoyance test that will let you know if you already have some part of this feat developed into your mind.

The test consists of 15 simple true or false questions. They are made in order to create awareness of your own psychic skills.

  1. Can you detect when people are lying to you?
  2. Do you ever feel suddenly tired just for being around certain people?
  3. Can you visualize or see images when you close your eyes?
  4. Have you ever seen an aura?
  5. Have you ever had a premonition?
  6. Have you ever known someone new but felt that you knew him or her for years?
  7. Do you feel normal when talking to animals or plants?
  8. Do you feel that sometimes someone that is not there is helping you?
  9. Have you ever experienced a lucid dream?
  10. Have you taken a look at your phone and minutes after you receive a notification or call?
  11. Have you ever listened to a voice calling your name but there is nobody around?
  12. Have you ever looked at someone from a far distance and after a moment they turn back at you?
  13. Do you believe that a lot of “coincidences” happen to you?
  14. How often do you feel a Deja Vu?
  15. Do you feel normal when you are talking alone in a room?

This concludes the fifteen questions of our clairvoyance test. Check your results and count all the positive answers that you got. Depending on the number of these is the level of awareness of your mental powers.

  • If you got from 15 to 10, this means that you are aware that you have developed inner powers. We would recommend you to check out some psychic books in order to increase those skills.
  • If you got from 10 to 5, it means that you do have some kind of clairvoyance powers within you but in a passive way. They only function when they are triggered by some external motivation. Pay more attention to the supernatural events around you to increase your skills.
  • If you got from 5 to 0 is because your mental powers are still dormant. Maybe you will need more psychic training in order to unlock the feats of your mind. Remember that everything is possible with the proper training techniques.