How To Develop Psychic Powers – Beginner Guide

I’m going to share with you today 6 different methods to start developing your psychic powers as a beginner.

Can you imagine your life with fully developed psychic powers? Imagine being able to read minds, move objects with your thoughts, travel around the world as an astral projection, and even manifest anything you want instantly.

Only a few people around the world are born with their psychic abilities awakened. The rest of us need to go through psychic development training to use our skills.

You have no idea of the full power of the mind. If you are reading this article, it means that you understand you can reach your full potential if you set your mind into it.

5-Step Guide for Psychic Abilities Development

This is a short guide for beginners so you can start developing your psychic abilities as fast as possible. Here are some tips, tricks, and tools that will be able to help you in your way of becoming a true psychic.

1. Pick your psychic skill.

You need to pick carefully the psychic ability you want to develop. If you still can’t control the power of your subconscious mind, it would be impossible to master all the different psychic skills at once.

Here are some of the most popular psychic abilities:

  • Clairvoyance.
  • Psychokinesis.
  • Telepathy.
  • Mind reading.
  • Astral Projection.
  • Tarot card reading.
  • Palm reading.
  • Aura healing.
  • Mediumship.

I can recommend the book Discover Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard to help you find out your optimal psychic ability. This will tell you which skill has the most affinity with you.

2. Study Your Psychic Ability

Read as much as you can about the psychic ability you want to develop.

Find out its strengths and weaknesses. Read about the lives of the most famous psychics with these abilities. Visualize your life with this new psychic ability already developed.

You need to fully understand your psychic power before you are able to use it correctly in a real-life situation.

3. Meditate

Meditation is the central part of all psychic development. It is the path to control your mind.

You won’t be able to ride a horse if you don’t learn how to tame it first. This is the concept behind meditation.

The psychic abilities you are looking to develop are already there in your mind. If you want to learn to control them fast, first you need to learn how to control your mind.

A normal person can have over one thousand different thoughts on their mind every hour. This is all noise-blocking your psychic powers from unlocking.

Meditate for 20 minutes right after you get out of your bed and another 20 minutes as the last thing you do before going to sleep at night.

I recommend you to start small in 5-minute meditation sessions and increasing the time by one minute each day until you reach your goal.

cleansed energy pouch for protection4. Use Symbols and Crystals

The same way we are constantly invaded by stressful thoughts during the day, your spirit is weakened at every moment by bad energies.

You need to keep your aura clean so you can focus your psychic powers and develop real abilities. It is important that you learn the use of symbols and crystals to cleanse yourself from all the negative forces.

I carry with me a purified pouch with crystals for protection with me at all times when I go out of my home. I also have my house protected with special stones and crystals scattered with Feng Shui to keep myself clean from bad energies.

5. Ask an Expert

Probably the best thing you can do to see if you are developing your psychic abilities the right way is asking a true expert.

The best way you can do it is signing up to an authentic psychic chat online and pick an expert who has already developed the skill you want to learn.

Tell them about your passion for awakening your psychic abilities and ask them what personal advice they can give you to help your training.

An experienced psychic will be able to tell you about the difficulties you might find on the road. This way you will be prepared for any problem that might come up in your psychic training.

I hope you have found this guide for beginners to awaken psychic abilities usefully. Please share with your friends so you can help others to unlock the power of their minds too.