Cool Mind Reading Tricks Used By Real Ninjas

Ninjas were spy of the night with a culture of secrets. Uncover those mysteries and unleash these cool mind reading tricks to become the shadow warrior. Learn these powerful techniques and become a dark master of the mind.

Today, I want to share with you this special book on mentalism and cool mind reading tricks. This is not a power that was discovered the last year or a decade ago.

This is a technique that has transcended through the time and the continents. A mind reading power that has survived through the history. Just waiting to be passed on and on by the future generations.

Ninjas were shadow warriors being one of the most secret culture of all times, this books reveal some of their most powerful secrets in history. Learn how to, step-by-step, control your body and mind, be in touch with your environment and use the mind of your foes to achieve your own means.

Jotaro shows the main aspects of the art of being a ninja spy, as well as an introduction to the martial arts, psychology and spirituality. A whole set of skills that you can apply in your daily life. Your life will never be the same with this set of cool mind reading tricks.

Unleash the cool mind reading tricks of a ninjacool-mind-reading-tricks

In the Book Shadow Warrior  you will learn to predict the future and see right through your eyes the upcoming events even days before they actually happen. Control the minds of your enemies through subtle suggestion and manipulation.

The author, Jotaro, even includes a warning inside the book so you use it for Academic Study Only.

You will learn some of the most powerful mental and physical abilities with the help of this book and it is only up to you to make the choice on how to use them once you have become a true Shadow Warrior.

You have the power to make a change into your life and show to everybody that they should not mess with you. Turn yourself into an urban warrior.

This is the time for you to evolve learning cool mind reading tricks of a ninja to control your enemies and your life once again.