Mind Reading Game That Works With Dogs! Hilarious!

This mind-reading game even works with dogs! Watch this awesome video where you can see a lot of dogs amazed, confused and mind freaked by this cool trick.

It has been said that only the human mind can be fooled because the animals act by instinct most of the time and in some cases this is true. But here it is shown the opposite.

A cool mind reading game is played to these dogs. They make them believe something that they can see and smell but then it is just gone from their world.

This is a hilarious mind trick that fools a lot of dogs! Poor of them, they are fooled by making them think that they are being given a treat and then it just disappears in front of their eyes.

I thought this couldn’t be possible because of the powerful senses of dogs but look at this! Looks like in this mind reading game they even can fool the dogs!

It looks like that the keen senses are not so useful against the power to fool the mind of the cute little pets. Some of them look really desperate looking for the missing treat.

As you can see the power of a great mentalist can go further more tricking the mind of only human beings. Do you think that any other animal can be fooled by this trick? A cat? Or a hamster? I really need to learn how to do this and try it out with my pets!

Mind Reading Game Part 2

Here you can see the second part of this cute video where you will see even more dogs being fooled by this tricky magician. With this, we can learn that magic not only can be enjoyed by people but also for pets.

It is unbelievable the way that the dogs react to the ability of this mentalist. I wonder right now if the mind of the dogs can also be read by the techniques we use on humans. Can you believe that? Being able to understand what your loyal companion is thinking?

Maybe only a really professional mentalist is able to do this, I guess the day will come for us to know the real power that our mind has over other species and the reach that can obtain to read others minds.

Every day that passes our knowledge and learning about this hidden power becomes greater and it depends only on us to get real answers. The day may come that we all become mentalists. Able to play these mind-reading game to everybody.