How to Read Minds With Mentalism

The philosophy of mentalism teaches us that our maximum potential lies in the awareness of the mind. Learn to uncover these secrets and become a true mentalist just by using a few tricks.

Can you imagine your life if you could read people’s minds? Everyone wants to discover the truth behind the cold reading techniques and understand the true source of human nature.

Psychics, magicians, and even special agents aim all their efforts to learn mentalism. Studying the behavior of the human mind can bring endless benefits to your life, for example:

  • Get any job you want.
  • Make anyone fall in love with you.
  • Stay two steps ahead of your competitors.
  • Amaze your friends and family.
  • Control the power of your mind

It depends on you if you really want to understand the secrets of this mental art. Now it’s time to enhance every aspect of your living by learning how mentalism secrets work.


Is Mentalism Real?

I had made myself this question a few years in the past. It was a really frustrating point in my life when I couldn’t land the job I wanted.

I had probably sent hundreds of applications and probably attended dozens of interviews but things never worked out the way I expected. By then I realized that I had to change my strategy.

That was when I made the choice to read the book What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People by Joe Navarro and learned a few basics about mentalism.

Soon after that, my entire universe changed forever by simply using a couple of easy mentalism tricks for beginners!

mentalism-really-worksThen I tried to use my new mental powers with my friends and family and everyone was amazed. I could not believe that I had not started earlier.

You don’t have to believe the story of my experience with mentalism. I suggest you to keep reading and discover by yourself the benefits that these techniques can bring to your world.

How Does Mentalism Really Work?

Mentalism is a practice that studies the psychology of the human mind on a whole new level.

It will not only tell you what a person is thinking, but you will also be able to know what he or she is going to do next.

Many of the most common mentalism tricks include simple mind reading techniques, a handful of card tricks and also pretty basic divination feats.

As you advance with your study of mentalism and keep uncovering its secrets, you would be able to perform cold reading and discover exactly what others are thinking on the spot.

How to Study Mentalism Like a Professional

Here is a short list of the top four ways that you can practice mentalism tricks. It doesn’t matter if you are only a beginner, intermediate or expert. There are always new ways to enhance your mental powers.

1. Read Mentalism Books

This is the way I started and that is why I recommend it. There are literally hundreds of printed material on the arts of the mind. Always keep an eye on the reviews of these books so you can acquire one according to your level.

In case you are still skeptical about the powers that you can learn. I suggest you download a free pdf book on mentalism, this way you don’t have to make an investment in learning simple tricks to perform in front of your friends or coworkers.

2. Watch Videos On Mind Reading Tricks

You can find many different tutorials on websites like YouTube or Vimeo on how to perform some simple tricks. Check out a couple of them and pick the ones that sound more appealing to you.

Always practice your tricks in front of a mirror before performing them in front of your family. This is the only way you can assure to blow their minds.

3. Enroll in a Mentalism Course

These courses are easy to find on the web but you must choose wisely. Ask the instructor for his or her experience on mentalism. Make a checklist of everything that you can learn from the course so you can self-evaluate your own progress.

mentalism-uri-geller-spoon-bendingA lot of courses involve too much information on mentalism theory. This is important to understand the basics and origins of this fine art.

Nevertheless, it may become boring for some people who are interested in discovering a couple of simple card tricks.

4. Learn From a Master Mentalist

Thanks to the Internet and Social Media, it is very easy to get plenty of data on the most skilled mentalists and magicians in the world such as Derren Brown, the Amazing Kreskin, Uri Geller, Craig Karges, among others.

Study their performance and read a little bit of information related to their biographies. They usually share how they started in the world of mentalism. There is no better way to learn than from an actual expert on the field.

At any moment you feel you are not making any progress, look for some forums and online communities on mentalism. You are going to find experienced people on the subject willing to help you and share their knowledge with you.

How to Read Minds in 5 Minutes

Here is a video tutorial from Guide to Street Magic. It is going to show you how you can amaze everyone with an easy mind reading trick that just anyone can perform. You are just not going to believe how powerful your mind can be.

By the time you feel ready to take the next step on your mentalism learning, I would recommend you to take a look at some articles on cold reading techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming. These are two important secret feats used by the world famous mentalists.

Another important thing is that you set a goal for yourself before starting your study on mentalism. That way it will be clear when you have reached to that point. It will also be much easier to find the right resources or contact the right mentalists, magicians or clairvoyants to help you out.