How to Learn Telepathy Techniques Quickly

Discover the best way on how to learn telepathy techniques step-by-step with our guide. Find out how to use the power of your mind to send messages to someone far away.

Telepathy is also an old and powerful mind-reading technique. In this guide, we will only explain the part of sending the message to another person. As you improve your skills, you would be able to detect other people’s thoughts at any moment.

There are three important factors that influence the telepathic communication between two people:

3 Telepathy Techniques

  1. An emotional bond will increase telepathy power.
  2. If the receiver is busy in another task, the message might not be delivered correctly.
  3. Emotional telepathic messages are easier to send than rational and logical.

Considering these three aspects of telepathy. It is important to notice that you will not only be using the power of your mind but also the power of your heart. Telepathy between lovers is always stronger than between strangers.

Here is a short explanation on how to do three of the most popular telepathy techniques in the psychic universe:

How to Do Telepathy With Someone Far Away

This is probably the hardest one to achieve. First of all, it is important for you to have met the person previously. It would be impossible for your mind to create a connection with an unknown individual.

Practice with a close friend or acquaintance, to begin with. It is easier to send a message to a closer distance. As you keep succeed with your training, increase the distance a little bit more until you have more control of your powers.

How to Use Telepathy Techniques to Attract Someone

Remember that feelings are important to increase the power of your telepathic skills. If there is no doubt in your mind about what you want, you are much more likely to succeed.

Think of the message you want to send to the other person. Two or three words to make them think of you.

Carry a picture of the receiver with you and during the day, whenever you have time and no distractions around, repeat the message in your mind as you look at the picture.

Your subconscious mind will take care of the work for you.

How to Make Someone Think of You Telepathically

This one is like the previous one. As long as you have strong feelings towards the other person, your telepathic power will be stronger.

For this one, you need to be careful choosing the words you want to send in the message. Make sure you are using telepathy to attract attention.

“Call me soon.”

“You should invite me to go out”

“Hey! Look at me!”

These three are examples of BAD telepathic messages for this purpose. The other person is not going to think of you as you are not even including your name.

Think of a message that would work in any context. If your subconscious mind works on sending a single message it will be easier for the receiver to get.

I hope you have found these telepathy techniques useful to start with your training. If you need further guidance, I suggest you try this tutorial on how to prepare your mind to connect with others.