How to Know If a Psychic Is Real Or A Scam

Today we are going to show you a few tips on how to know if a psychic is real or not. You will only need a few steps to discover if you are getting true or false psychic readings.

A psychic is a person who has power beyond the average human capabilities. He or she can see, hear and even feel things that regular people can’t by using only their five senses.

Many different psychics around the world have decided to use their power to help others with their problems. They charge a fee for these psychic services as it is one of the rules that we have in this materialistic world. No matter who you are or what you can do, you still have to pay for food and services.

However, there are also people who decided to take advantage of the weakness and the need for answers to the community. These are fake psychics who do not have real powers. They are not mediums or clairvoyants, these are criminals who lie to people in need to make a profit.

How to Know If a Psychic Is Real or A Scam

Here is a list of some things you should check before and after getting a psychic reading. This way you will be sure that you have a genuine psychic or if you are getting only fake readings.

scammer-psychic-reader1. Write down your situation before the psychic reading

When we are desperate for answers, we tend to be really susceptible. A fake psychic can use the information you give to him or her and mold it in another shape so you completely change your point of view about the problem.

This is to make you feel that you are actually getting a genuine psychic consultation.

2. Do your homework, read for online reviews.

This is a tip that we have already shared on our website. It is a MUST every time you seek psychic advice with a new clairvoyant. When you decide to get a reading from a psychic but you only find bad reviews on the Internet that means you need to find someone else.

3. Check your social media information.

Some professional fake psychics are true experts searching for personal information on social networks. This way they get data about your life making you believe that they actually have psychic abilities. You will find this advice in any guide on how to know if a psychic is real.

4. Thrust your guts.

One true power that we have as human beings is our instinct. If you got psychic advice from a convincing psychic but you feel that something is sketchy, odd or out of place just ignore it and try with a different psychic.

By following the tips on this article you will reduce the chances of an encounter with a fake psychic. Keep in mind that you can always try free psychic readings or even readings from cheap clairvoyants. That way you will not be risking your money.