How to Hypnotize Through Text Messages – Is It Possible?

Find out if it is possible to learn how to hypnotize someone through text messages. Is it possible to use this old mind control technique with technology? What is its reach? How do I achieve this kind of power? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

Hypnosis is a really popular technique that has been used by mentalists, psychics and even psychiatrist to dig directly into the subconscious mind. It is a really powerful mind control technique as it allows the user to plant ideas into the mind of others without them knowing it. This way hypnotized people will think that the idea came from them.

You have already seen the regular hypnosis routine shown by movies and TV shows. The magician takes out a pocket watch on a chain and swing it in front of the other person while talking slowly. After that the hypnotist snaps his fingers and the victim falls asleep. Then he or she is ready to listen and obey almost any command.

Lately we have seen something a little bit different where the magician (or vampire in most cases) needs nothing more than a deep look into the victim’s eyes to make him fall into a trance.

But is it really possible to hypnotize through text messages? Can you achieve this kind of power with a simple cellphone? And the answer is Yes! You can plant ideas into other people’s minds with nothing more than a cellphone. You don’t even need to be looking at that person for this power to work.

How to Write An Hypnotic Text?

Honestly it is one of the most difficult feats to learn as it more related to psychology than to mentalism. When you are using the old fashioned pocket watch method the other person is already willing to be hypnotized. Also, the mentalist can make use of different senses to enter to the subconscious of the victim.

When you are using nothing but text messages, the receiver can only be hypnotized through their eyes and may be distracted and not paying attention to the phone while reading it. This will reduce the chances of the hypnosis to work.

However you always have another chance to make it work as long as you can keep sending messages. You only have to worry about one single thing: do not let your target to know that you want to hypnotize them.

hypnotized through text messagesWriting an brainwash text message is similar of what advertising companies do to convince us to buy products. They make use of pictures, subtext and subliminal messages that are read directly by our subconscious mind to hypnotize us and make us buy their products and services.

The right combination of words can unlock the mind of any person.

If you want to learn how to hypnotize people through text messages, I suggest you to grab a copy of the Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestion and Metaphors by the Ph.D. D. Corydon Hammond a past president from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). This is one of the core books read that any hypnotherapists must read.

This is a compilation of hypnotic suggestions that anyone can use without needing to be an expert on the field. Make use of the phrases provided by this book and combine it with the right pictures and emojis to get the most powerful hypnosis power in each text.

Just remember to avoid sending too many of this kind of messages in a row or the target will figure out what you are trying to do. The best kind of hypnotism texts are the ones disguised as regular conversations.