How to Learn Telekinesis In 24 Hours

Are you in a hurry to learn telekinesis instantly? Why don’t you try this step by step method to start developing your power in the first 24 hours of your training?

Picture how your life would be having the power of telekinesis. Being capable of manipulating small objects with your mind. Think of all the benefits you would get by having this psychic power.

Now you are probably thinking “Yes, I know about the perks of having a psychic power but is it truly possible to learn telekinesis in a day?”.

learn to develop telepathy in one day

From my experience, I can tell you that it is possible to see some real results on the first day of training but only if you are born with the ability already awaken within you.

There is a small percentage of the population who are born with telekinesis without knowing it. The only thing they need to do is focus a little bit on the task to achieve their goal instantly.

telekinesis book day david petry

These are the only people who can do telekinesis without meditation sessions. It is not something you can learn easily as you need to train your mind to keep your thoughts away at will.

Can I Learn Telekinesis In Less Than 24 Hours?

You can learn the complete process to develop telekinesis in only a couple of hours but the truth is that you won’t be able to see the results.

This is unless you were born with the innate ability to manipulate objects with your mind.

If you are interested in this subject then you should take a look at the book Telekinesis for Beginners by David Petry where he talks about the science behind this psychic ability.

He explains the scientific approach to this psychic ability and how anyone can learn it with the proper training.

It also includes pretty good telekinesis exercises for beginners such as making a candle flame move.

This book allows you to understand in depth how Telekinesis really works.

The simple exercises will help you to develop your abilities from the very first sessions and motivate you as you continue seeing progress.

The meditation techniques included in this book are made to help your mind to focus.

As you progress with your telekinesis training you won’t require to continue with your meditation sessions in the future. You will train your subconscious mind to work for you at any time you need.