How To Know If Someone Is Talking About You

Connect with the universe and discover how to know if someone is thinking about you in this very moment. Find out if the person that occupies that special place in your heart has you in their thoughts.

One of the most stressing parts in life when you have feelings towards a person is not knowing if you are in that person’s mind. This special person can be a lover, a friend, a husband or wife, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter or even just an acquaintance.

When you have a strong desire to find the sings from the universe that someone is thinking of you, that means that there is a strong feeling of love involved. You want to know if the other person is thinking the same about you.

Maybe you are wondering if it is actually possible to feel when someone is thinking about you. Have you ever been busy doing anything and suddenly it comes to your mind the name of a person that is not even there?

That person created a sort of involuntary telepathic message for you to think of them. This happens more frequently when we are in love as there is a fresh and strong feeling involved.someone thinking about you

I am not saying that the other person is a telepath or that has developed some kind of psychic powers. These messages usually manifest involuntarily from the subconscious mind, the source of all psychic abilities.

Psychic Signs That Someone Is Thinking About You

I already mention one of the most common ones that you are already familiar with. Here are a couple more sings you can use to identify if you are on someone else’s thoughts:

  • Presence Manifestation.- This works best when the other person shares with you something dear to them. Such as their favorite food or movie or even better if they have a hobby. You will start suddenly noticing that special thing everywhere creating a mental connection between you two.
  • External mental advice.- When you are facing a decision, it can be something as simple as what to order for dessert or what route to take to work today, you suddenly hear an external voice in your mind. It is like having that other person opinion on the situation as if they were there.
  • Dream visiting.- One of the most beautiful and powerful psychic signs. It is a subconscious version of astral projection manifested in dreams. You get to see the other person in your dream and also interact with them usually having a conversation. It is like a visit from the other person’s mind.

In case you do not want to wait for any of these signs from the universe to manifest. Probably you need to know right away if that person really misses you or not.

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