How to Develop Emotional Telepathy

There are many different types of telepathy that you can develop. One of the most basic and useful that you need to learn is emotional telepathy.

This skill is going to allow you to keep in touch with the feelings of the people around you as well as help you to transmit yours even if you are not in the same room.

The telepathy is a psychic skill that allows you to communicate without using your five regular senses. You create a communication bridge using only your mind.

Advanced telepathy could allow you to send and receive messages from any other person in the world without using any of the regular means of communications such as phone, written letters or the Internet.

In a basic level, you can be able to develop what is known as emotional telepathy in order to share your feelings or be connected with the emotions of the people around you.

This is totally different from the concepts of empathy or reading body language. Remember that when we talk about telepathy this means that we are not using our physical senses at all.

Maybe You Have Experienced Emotional Telepathy Before

One popular example of the real use of emotional telepathy is one that is presented by parents or twin brothers or sisters. A lot of parents around the world can relate to the following situation:

You are at work just doing your daily routine when suddenly you feel that something is not right. You decide just to keep going in your day but you have that small burden over you that causes you to feel anxious or stressed.

Later through a phone call or at the end of the day. You discover that your child had a bad moment in his or her day exactly at the time you felt that weird sensation.

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This happens because of the strong emotional bond between a parent and his/her children. If you also have this kind of connection with a friend or any other relative maybe you can also relate to the situation we just presented to you.

In the described case, the emotional telepathy was triggered by an external situation allowing it to work for a few moments.

With the proper training, you will be able to activate it on call. This is why I recommend the book Empath by Amy White and Ryan James so you can begin to understand a little bit more about your powers.

Just remember that if you want to create a communication bridge you need the two parts of the bridge connected. This means that if only one of the two people is trained in telepathy the communication will not be as effective.

If you are the only one in a psychic telepathy training or if you were born as an empath it may become easier for you to receive the emotions from the people around you but they won’t be connected with yours.

This can be fixed with a little bit of extra psychic training. Just remember to keep practicing every day so you can achieve the level of mind power that you need in your life.