4 Effective Telekinesis Practice Methods for Beginners

Learn how to develop this amazing psychic ability with our training. Learn these telekinesis practice techniques that will allow you to move the world around you in no time. This is the kind of training that any enthusiast of the psychic skills needs.

Thanks to the telekinesis, psychics can realize amazing feats moving the things around them without having any kind of physical contact.

This does not have anything to do with using the power of magnetism or the wind to realize such feats. This is made only by using the power of the mind that you can obtain through proper telekinesis practice.

One mistake that many people make when they begin their psychic training is that they are not visualizing the result correctly. Here is a small list of the things you need to AVOID when you are taking your telekinesis training:

  • Try to release energy from your hands.
  • Focusing on the object you want to move.
  • Try to move big and heavy objects.
  • Practice with the TV on.

What Is The Best Telekinesis Practice Technique?


We have listed a few of the common mistakes that beginners make when they are trying to learn telekinesis. We are here to show you the proper way to practice this skill so you can start seeing results as quick as possible.

In order to start your telekinesis psychic training, it is important that you practice every day for at least 30 minutes a day. Find a place to practice that is as quiet as possible.

You are also going to need something small and lightweight, if you don’t have any object with those features around you then a small ball of paper will do.

  • Eliminate all the distractions around you. You need to be able to focus only on developing your skills. When you were a baby, you could only interact with soft and light objects. This is the reason we suggest a paper ball to begin with. You need to start working out the power of your mind from the beginning.
  • Focus your sight on the object you want to move. Place it on any surface and place your hands around it but without making contact. You need to imagine that object moving. You need to focus on the movement and not on the energy required.

Maybe you can spend a whole week of telekinesis practice without seeing any kind of results but don’t give up. Eliminate the frustration and focus only on developing your skill. Some psychics have expressed that it might help you to realize a breathing meditation just before your training so you can work with a clearer mind.

Once you achieve to move the object even half an inch you will feel extremely motivated to continue with your practice. As you advance with your training, replace the object with a larger or a heavier one, this way you will increase your psychic skills in a gradual and safe way.