How to Perform Easy Psychic Tricks for Beginners

If you are looking for something to entertain or have fun with your friends using your mentalist. Then this compilation of easy psychic tricks is just perfect for you.

Here we have a group of really simple tricks that you can do at any time with almost no preparation at all.

As we have stated before, when we are talking about mentalism and psychic powers, we do not call the stunts that are made “tricks” they are called feats. The tricks are meant to be used by an illusionist or a magician.


We are calling them easy psychic tricks because they involve the illusion of using skills such as telekinesis, telepathy, and clairvoyance. It is more the ability required in sleight of hand than the mental energy required to perform them.

But they will guarantee to amaze your audience maybe you could even inspire someone into starting their journey to become a true mentalist.

Easy Psychic Tricks Exposed

This first trick involves the use of a deck of cards to make a prediction came true. Here you get to guess the number and the suit of a card. In the video, it is first shown to you the magic trick and after that, they explain it to you.

Try to pause the video after the first half so you can see if you are able to discover the trick behind it.

For the second of the easy psychic tricks that we have for you, Tom Martiq shows us how to fly a card through the air. A very cool trick that resembles the use of the telekinesis to move light objects in an unnatural way.

In this last psychic trick, Benjamin Banks is making a drink appear from nowhere. A really amazing trick to throwing in a party. The best part is that you can even drink it.

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Remember that it is going to take you a little while in order to give the best execution of the tricks.