How Dynamo Performs Mind Reading Tricks – Finally Exposed!

Here you can see a video where you can appreciate Dynamo mind reading skills unleashed at Yahoo Wireless Festival the last year. It takes to the illusionist only a glance to your eyes to know exactly what you are thinking.

Stephen Frayne “Dynamo” has taken over the world of magic for the last few years. His mentalist abilities can’t be compared. He has an urban style which makes his mind reading techniques and tricks even more impressive for the audience. No preparation can be seen by the spectators an extraordinary characteristic of this street magician.

Dynamo Mind Reading at the Yahoo Wireless Festival

If you want to know more about this amazing mentalist and how he learned to master all these amazing skills. Take a look at his autobiography entitled Nothing Is Impossible – My Story a bestseller of the Sunday Times. Available on

In this book you can read about how Dynamo immersed himself in the world of magic, reading every book that he could get practicing day after day. As magic began to become his obsession, he was eager to learn more about that world of mentalism and illusion.

dynamo-mind-reading-book“The first person who taught magic to Steven Frayne was his granddad when Dynamo was just a child. He knew that there had to be more in life than just being a victim of bullies.”

With the amazing power of Dynamo’s mind reading, he could be able to blow the mind of everyone, men, women, and children all over the world.

In this book Dynamo: Nothing Is Impossible you can read about some of the most breathtaking stunts all over the globe like the levitation of Lindsay Lohan in Singapore, the transformation of snow into diamonds in the Austrian mountains and walking on the water across the River Thames.

During the reading, Dynamo shows you how to make the impossible possible. You can learn easily learn how to perform some excellent psychic tricks for beginners that require almost zero effort to accomplish.

He explains what does it take to perform the greatest mentalist tricks that mankind has ever seen and why you need magic in your life. This is the real story of Dynamo, the great magician.