[FREE[ Printable Pendulum Divination Chart For Download

There are many forms to use the divination for a psychic. One of the most known and effective is the use of a pendulum. With this free divination chart, you can begin to practice the development of this psychic skill on your own with a little bit of practice each day.

The pendulum divination consists of the use of a crystal attached to a piece of cord or chain that you are holding in your hand in a perpendicular position to the chart.

The energy of the universe flows through your arm and rope to the crystal. Answering the questions that are far beyond the possible human knowledge.

In order to use the pendulum divination methods in a safe way, it is good to perform a short meditation right before starting.

This will allow you to clear your mind and leave your feelings out of the psychic reading. Remember that you are using the energy of the universe to get your responses.

There are dark and dangerous ways to use a divination chart, where people try to contact invisible beings to help them to get the required answers. This should never be performed by a beginner. You will not know which kind of being are you contacting. The risk is just too high in this psychic practice.

Download A Free Pendulum Divination Chart

With the divination chart that we provide you here, you can answer basic and simple questions. Try to perform the same reading during different times of the day to make sure it is accurate.

This way you make sure that your feelings or thoughts during a specific time are not taking play in the reading.

You should probably already know that there are some other divination practices such as the tarot card reading. We recommend you to try them all and then see which one makes you feel more confident and gives you the most accurate reading.

Remember that we all have that psychic power within us. It is up to us to discover which part is more developed than the others and then take the proper training to increase that power.

If you were born with this kind of gift then you should not turn your back to it.