How to Use Retrocognition And Postcognition Instantly

Learning to develop retrocognition can bring more value to your life than what you might think. People all over the world are not happy because they have to carry the burden from the past along with them.

Sometimes the answers that you are looking for in your life are not in your future, not even in your present but in your past. Retrocognition is the skill of psychics and mediums to see events from the past as a movie in front of their eyes.

Think for a brief moment of all the problems you have in your life. How many of them could be solved if you were able to change the past? The power of Post-cognition does not allow this but it can give you a different point of view of the previous event in your life.

book develop retrocognitionWe recommend you to check out the book Retrocognitions: An Investigation into Memories of Past Lives and the Period Between Lives by Wagner Alegretti.

It is a complete compilation of research and studies of people who have visited their past lives.

Develop Retrocognition Skills Fast

First of all, you need to understand the difference between the power of retrocognition and a good memory.

Your memory will only allow you to see past events from your very point of view. Your brain will only show you what you have already experienced.

The retrocognition will let you be in that moment in time again but this time as a spectator.

You would be free to move to a different angle, pause the moment and analyze every situation one by one.

Here is for you a really simple training to test your precognitive skills:

  1. Lay down in your bed and take deep breaths.
  2. Pick a really vivid memory from your past.
  3. Use your imagination to give life to that memory.
  4. Keep your focus on your breathing at all time.
  5. Become a spectator to that memory.
  6. Try to separate your body from your astral form.
  7. Rotate the memory in your mind, go back and forth into the memory.

It is going to be difficult for the first couple of times to achieve this feat. However, it is important that you keep practicing if you want to obtain good results.

The key to master the precognition is patience. Once you have learned to travel inside your mind, you would be able to visit so many memories that you had probably forgotten you had.

True psychics who have already practiced the use of precognition long enough are capable to even visit their previous lives. They also use this power to help other people and resolve issues from their past.