How To Find Love With The Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator

Try this Chinese zodiac compatibility love calculator and find out if your crush and you are meant to be together forever.

The traditional astrology zodiac assigns you a different sign depending on the month of the year that you were born. The Chinese zodiac changes to a new sign every new year.

If you don’t know your Chinese zodiac sign yet, we recommend you to visit this website so you can find it out. The signs that form this zodiac are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

You only need to enter your birth date and you will automatically get your sign plus a short description of the main behaviors and related feats.

Two different Chinese signs may have special emotional links between them. It works just like magnetic forces. You may feel attracted to a person with a certain sign while you might feel uncomfortable by another with a different one.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator Online for Free

Here you can find a Chinese Zodiac love calculator where you need to enter the birth date of both persons.

If you want to evaluate the relationship compatibility for a person and you don’t know his or her birth date, you can ask one of their friends or look it up on a social network.

Here we also have for you a Chinese Zodiac signs compatibility chart. This will show you in a simpler way the relationship between two signs.


You are free to copy or download this Zodiac love chart at no cost. It is fun and easy to download it to your phone and do some test for your friends and family.

In case that you do not feel happy with the result that you get from the love calculator, we recommend you to try with a different Zodiac or compatibility method instead of more Chinese predictions.

One of the most popular methods to calculate the love of two people is by comparing their birthstones with each other.

There is a lot of energies around us that we just can’t see. If you open your mind, you will be able to use them to your advantage and improve your life.