How To Know Your Future With Regular Playing Cards (Cartomancy)

Cartomancy is the art of future telling by using the cosmic power of playing cards. The beauty of this fortune technique is that you do not need a tarot deck to see your future. You can perform your own psychic reading with a deck of regular playing cards you can purchase anywhere.

Even in the times, we live in, there is still a certain stigma when it comes to divination and tarot card reading.

People who feel eager to learn how to connect with the universe are usually stopped by this. It is difficult to pursue your dreams when you are not supported by others around you.

use regular playing cards to reveal the future

When immature and skeptical people hear that you have a tarot deck a huge wave of labels and emotions tend to appear. Not even mention what they think of you if they happen to be religious. The worst part of it is that they won’t leave you alone.

Learning Cartomancy might be a great solution for you. It is not strange to carry a regular deck of cards with you. Discovering how to read the future using normal cards might also be your first step developing your hidden psychic powers.

After you feel confident enough you might even get your own tarot deck for more professional readings. Your friends and family will start praising your powers after you show them what you have learned.

How Can I Learn Cartomancy?

The first thing you need is a regular deck of cards it does not matter the material of the cards or the price. It does not even have to be new. You can pick up any deck of cards you might have laying around your place. Just make sure that there are no missing cards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though in Cartomancy you can use any deck of cards. The longer you practice your readings using the same deck, the stronger your skills will become.

This is because you create a direct connection with those cards. With each shuffle and each spread, you are transferring your energy and aura to those cards.

As a personal recommendation, set that practice deck apart and use it only for your personal readings, make sure that nobody else touches those cards and use any other extra deck to perform readings to others.

cartomancy learning julian mooreThere are dozens of different videos and guides on the Internet where you can learn about Cartomancy.

However, it is not wise to just jump in and try any tutorial you see around as you might not get the results you want if you try something difficult when you are just starting out. Remember that you need to learn how to walk before running.

After reviewing some sources, I can suggest you start with Speed Learning Cartomancy: Fortune Telling With Playing Cards by Julian Moore.

This is definitely the perfect book for beginners as it includes pretty easy methods to start learning all the basics.

Remember that you should not expect to get an accurate prediction if you are consulting the book in every step of your reading.

It is a process that you need to learn and memorize in order to get a realistic future reading. Another great thing that I love about this book is that it presents you with a simple system that anyone can learn from day one.

You will feel how your life starts to change after you learn the basics of fortune-telling. You will start looking at the world through different eyes as it will let you be ahead of everyone else. People will start looking for you for advice on what to do with their lives.