2 Essential Mentalism Books For Beginners

If you are serious about developing the powers of your mind, we recommend you to check out the best mentalism books for beginners. They will show you everything you need to know to become a true mentalist.

Following a few simple steps, you will be able to become a master of mental abilities. Discover how to unlock the power of your brain.

Maybe you have been looking for books on mentalism over the Internet before but you might not have found the ones you need yet.

A lot of people like to publish their advances and discoveries on their journey of becoming true mentalists. The problem is that not everybody is able to show the proper way on how to develop these skills.

Only the professional mentalists can provide you with good mentalism books that you really are going to need in your way to becoming a master of the mind.

When it comes to teaching, it’s the experts who have the most experience to show you the best way of learning.

Best Books On Mentalism – Mentalist Essentials

Developing your mentalism skills from the ground is not an easy task. Having the right resources close to you will help you to leverage and boost your learning speed in an incredible way. We invite you to check out these two essential books on mentalism.

Thirteen Steps to Mentalismmentalism-books-beginners

This specific book about mentalism has been recognized by the community as a must-have for any mentalism enthusiast.

With this book, you will learn all the basic knowledge and devices that are used by the professional mentalists.

In this book, you will learn all the basics you need for nail writers, card tricks, blindfold tricks, muscle reading, publicity stunts, patter, and presentation.

This is a complete classic that all the important mentalists have read.

best-books-mentalismThe Magic Square

The Magic Square – Tricking Your Way to Mental Superpowers is one simple but really effective book that will allow you to develop beginner mentalism skills in just 10 minutes or less.

This book provides you with one basic and secret mentalism skill.

The magic square is a simple trick that you can do anywhere, anytime and its effects are always impressive.

There are no better books than these two for any beginner mentalist.

They will provide you with the most proper training to start unlocking your mental abilities. Remember that the mentalism can also be combined with other feats such as mind readings and psychic powers.

If you train your mind properly you will be able to achieve skills way beyond your imagination.