3 Astral Projection Techniques For Quick Results

Learn some powerful astral projection techniques that even a beginner can perform. Imagine all you would be able to do without the limitations of the physical world.

The astral projection is one of the most known and powerful psychic powers in the world. It allows the person to elevate his or her consciousness above the limitations of the material world.

Here we are going to show you a simple but really powerful technique used by many experts to project their astral bodies. A body capable of traveling anywhere in a matter of seconds. Your mind would be capable of doing anything while your physical body rests.

Astral Projection Techniques Step-By-Step

1. Calm Your Thoughts

The first thing you need to do is to relax and concentrate on your breathing. This is one of the simplest forms of meditation, it will allow you to set aside any other thoughts in your head.

A common mistake among beginners in the astral projection is trying to separate their mind and body from the very beginning. Only a handful of people in the world are capable of doing this instantly.

2. The Border of the Subconscious Mind

This is probably the most difficult part for most people to project their astral bodies. You will start feeling uncomfortable in your bed.

Some parts of your body will begin to itch and you will feel the need to move aside. It is important that you ignore all these signals. This is the mechanism your brain uses to make sure that are sleeping.

Your conscious and your subconscious mind will start working together after this point. It is highly possible that you fall asleep by this point. Do not worry, it is completely normal. You will just need more practice.

If you are still awake, do not open your eyes. You will start hearing voices and probably start seeing figures in front of you. This is because you are entering the dream world with your conscious fully aware.

astral projection techniques for starters3. Project Your Mind to the Outside World

You will reach a phase really similar to the lucid dreaming. Where you are aware of what is happening in your dreams. Once you have acquired total control over your body inside your head, now it is the time to get out.

Picture your own body in your bed sleeping and then imagine yourself floating above. Do not move a muscle in this process. Your mind has to do all the work.

In case you feel stuck in the dream world do not panic. You will just continue dreaming as usual. More practice is going to allow you to acquire total control over your astral body.

Some people are just naturals in the process to achieve a complete astral projection. They are capable of doing it after a single night of practice.

However, it might become a really difficult task for others. The most common problem that blocks the capacity of astral projection techniques is stress.

Meditation is a powerful tool that you can use along with your astral projection training.

Learn how to get rid of those negative thoughts that surround your mind during the day and you will achieve the most amazing things in this life.