How to Access Oranum Psychic Network from Your Phone – iOS & Android

Oranum is probably the largest and more reliable network of psychics online. Now you can have access to their powers anywhere and anytime through your mobile phone.

We are going to show you everything you need to setup this amazing website in your mobile device. It will work on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android or Tablet.

Forget about dealing with uncertainty when making difficult life choices. With this you will have direct access to a professional psychic anytime.

Access Oranum Psychic Network for Free

You read that right. It is completely free to sign up in the Oranum network. Just follow this link that will take you directly to a page to setup your account. You will be able to access to public psychic chats at no cost.

A lot of users settle with the free service to answer their questions but the membership will gie you access to a private psychic consultation for a personal and more accurate reading.

How to Use Oranum in Your iPhone

Actually, this is a method that will work in any iOS including iPod and iPad. All you need to do is to download the official app from the iTunes Store after you have created your account directly from the website.

The use of this mobile app will enhance your psychic reading experience. The convenience of consulting directly with a professional psychic at anytime is one of the reasons why Oranum is probably the greatest psychic network around.

How to Use Oranum in Your Android Phone

Remember that this method will also let you use the psychic network in your Tablet. There are tons of benefits of accessing Oranum through a mobile device.

It will allow you to access a private reading and give you feeling of direct interaction with your medium. Some people think that the use of a physical keyboard creates an emotional barrier between you and your psychic.

As we mentioned before in the iPhone method. What you need to do is to install the official app from the Google Play Store. It will not take a lot of space from your device.

Although you can still create the account from the mobile app. You can speed up the sign in process by having previously created a free account.

In case that you don’t have enough memory left to install the Oranum app. You can also access the website from a browser. We suggest you to use the Puffin Browser. This one already uses the Adobe Flash Player by default. A plugin necessary to access the psychic chats on the network.