3 Essential Telekinesis Books That Will Blow Your Mind

We have brought to you three of the most amazing telekinesis books available online. They will show you how to develop your psychic skills on a whole new level.

The telekinesis is one of the most important skills that any professional psychic must develop and with the help of this material you will be in the right way.

The telekinesis is the feat that only a few people on the world have been able to develop. It is the skill to use the strength of the mind.

This allows you to interact with the world around you without using your physical body. An extremely useful technique in a lot of aspects of your life. You will be able to move anything around you thanks to this skill.

The more telekinesis practice you have, the more things you will be able to move around without being close. Some people have claimed to move even trucks with only the power of their mind. Imagine the endless possibilities that this can bring to your life.

The Essential Telekinesis Books You Need in Your Life

Here we present you with a list of the three most important telekinesis books that a true psychic should have in his or her collection. Each one of these has something unique to offer. You will learn amazing things from them just by reading and completing some of the recommended exercises.


Psychic Development for Beginners

You will understand about the power used by true mentalist, psychics and magicians around the world. This book on Psychic Development for Beginners will show you all the basic abilities you need to get started.

It includes development skills such as clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, divination, and telekinesis.

The book also includes a series of practical activities and also a few real study cases that will allow you to learn directly from the true masters on these mental skills.

You will not become a complete master but it is a great place to get started.

What Is Telekinesis? – A How-To Telekinesis Guide For Beginners


This book written by Nicolas Holder is not really popular among the people looking for an engaging telekinesis practice. It is instead mainly focused on showing you proofs and real cases of the use of this mental feat.

It is good for you if you are trying to convince someone of the existence of the mental powers. Also, it works well as a motivation to continue developing your skills.

It is a powerful weapon against people who just do not want to believe in the powers of the mind. The more you know about this powerful psychic ability the closer you will become to reach it.

Telekinesis: A Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide To Developing Telekinesis (Psychokinesis)


This book on telekinesis is one of the few telekinesis books that has everything you need to get into real practice.

The best thing about this third book is that it explains the science behind the telekinesis powers.

It shows you the best way to learn telekinesis divided into three different learning phases. You will be able to measure your own progress as you advance through the book.

Fighting the skepticism from a technical and scientific point of view with real-life examples. You just can’t miss this one in your collection. It is full of facts that will allow you to deal with skeptical people around you.