3 Amazing Mind Reading Tricks Revealed

Amaze everybody with these 3 mind reading tricks revealed! Mentalism tricks that you can do anywhere, anytime and they are easy to learn in just minutes.

Everybody will be shocked with your mind-reading feats. The best tricks in the world are those that you can perform with virtually no and no preparation. Be ready to have three amazing mind reading tricks revealed.

3 mind reading tricks revealed

Maybe you have heard that the true magicians never reveal their secrets. That is true when they refer to their own personal and self-developed techniques.

But when it comes to sharing the knowledge to others so they can develop their mind-blowing techniques. They are always there to help those in need. Because at some point every expert in the world was once a beginner.

Sneaky Mind Reading Trick

This is my favorite of the three mind reading tricks, it is very easy and it only takes seconds to prepare. The only thing that you require to perform this trick is two pens and a piece of paper!

You can perform it virtually everywhere. It is so clever that nobody can notice it. Even skeptical people will be amazed by your mind-reading skills after you learn this unique trick.

Mind Reading Tricks Revealed in Public


An easy trick that you can pull in a restaurant or anywhere with a list involved, very simple to learn and again you don’t need to prepare materials in order to perform this mentalism trick.

Remember that every new mind-reading trick helps you to keep your audience on the edge of the chair and a bonus when you gain extra thrust from someone by teaching him or her simple mentalism tricks.

David Blaine’s Mind Reading Deck

A simple and powerful of the three mind reading tricks revealed by using only a deck of cards, the very same used by the professional David Blaine. The perfect trick to use during a poker night or a family reunion.

The cards have always been connected to mentalism. Show everybody that you can surpass the odds of random cards by going into their minds about to be blown away.

If you want to improve even more your skills you can get also the David Blaine’s Deck of Cards. The very same deck that the famous street magician uses in his performances. Take the chance to become the ultimate master of the mind-reading tricks.