3 Mind Reading Games to Play With Your Friends Anywhere

Take a look at this list of three really simple mind reading games to play with your friends and spend hours of fun. You are not going to believe how a simple online program is capable to know exactly what you are thinking.

Something really amazing about these mind reading games online is that you will always be really surprised when you play them the very first time.

It is always cool to introduce new people to this kind of games, we hope you find something that you like so you can share it with your friends and family.

Top 3 Mind Reading Games

mind-reading-games-play-with-your-friends1. The Akinator

This game, also known as the Web Genius, is one of the most simple mind games to play with other people.

To play this game you only need to think about something or someone. Then the Akinator will ask you several Yes/No Questions and after that, he will tell you exactly what you were thinking at the beginning of the game.

One amazing mind trick to play on your friends by using this app is by using it in a phone conversation. It may also work if you have your phone or PC hidden from their sight.

Pretend to be the Web Genius and begin asking them questions. They will be amazed when hearing your accurate prediction!

20q-mind-games-play-on-friends2. 20Q

The 20 questions game has existed for a long time. This mind game was the one who inspired the creation of the Akinator in the first place.

The game is simple, it is going to ask you 20 different questions and then it will magically guess what you were thinking. You can find this game in an online version, mobile app and also as an electronic 20Q gadget which you can find for sale online.

3. Sneaky Mind Reading Trick

Finally, we have a practical mind game so you can amaze your friends making them think that you can actually read minds. Remember that this trick is not by any means a real psychic power or a true mentalism technique.

This cool mind reading trick is made with the only intention to entertain your friends and have fun together.

We hope you have found this short post on quick and simple mind reading games useful. If you know any other game that you would like to share with the community feel free to leave a comment below.