3 Mental Telepathy Exercises To Get Results Instantly

Are you tired of trying methods that just don’t work? Follow our mental telepathy exercises so you can develop your psychic abilities today. Turn into a real mentalist right now with the best training ever.

Sometimes you can see two people that just get along really well together. They literally complete each other sentences and they also always know what the other person is thinking.

This strong bond between them is because they have developed subconscious mental telepathy.

In order to develop a strong telepathy is necessary that you work with a partner. If the two people involved in the psychic communication are tuned into unlocking one specific ability of the brain, it is more likely to get fast results in the exercise.

The stronger the emotional bond that you two have, the better the results you are going to get. Try to work with a relative, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a friend that you thrust very much or have known for a really long time.

Get All You Need For The Mental Telepathy Exercises

If you want to successfully complete the mental telepathy exercises and be able to see results today, then it is necessary that you have all the necessary things to start:

  1. A partner to work with, it is better if you already have an emotional connection with that person. (long time friend or a relative)
  2. A deck of cards. This is just a regular deck of cards if you can get a new one or it is better to give more accurate psychic readings.
  3. Two markers. We can suggest you use blue, black, green or purple markers. Avoid the red color.
  4. Two notebooks. One for each one of you.


Telepathy Exercise #1

For this exercise, you need to be separated at least 10 feet from each other. There is no problem if you need to go to a separate room in order to do this but you must have visual contact with the other person.

You are going to write in the notebooks six groups of six words each one. You get to choose the category of each group. For example, if the category is “colors” you are going to write 6 colors in that group.

If the category is “food” you are going to write 6 different foods in that group. You can take as much time as you need for this task. But each time you start a new group you need to see each other in the eyes.

At the end of the exercise. Compare the notes the two of you have written. The more you do this exercise the number of equal answers will increase. This is happening because the two of you are focusing their mind in the same subject this makes the telepathy communication easier.


Telepathy Exercise #2

In this exercise, you are going to use the deck of cards. One of you is going to draw a card from the deck to look at it for a few moments and the other is going to guess information about the card. This exercise can work on four difficulty levels:

  1. Easy: Guess only the color of the card.
  2. Normal: Guess only the shape on the card.
  3. Advanced: Guess only the number of the card.
  4. Expert: Guess the shape AND number on the card.

Write down all the correct telepathy readings that you got. Then switch places and continue the exercise with your partner. This type of training is also known as a popular mental telepathy test.

Telepathy Exercise #3

For this exercise, you are using the notebooks and markers again. This is the most difficult of the three mental telepathy exercises but really simple to make. Each one of you is going to draw a shape, a number and the name of a color in their notebook. Then you are going to guess what did the other person wrote.

This psychic exercise might sound really random but is one that has proven to be effective. As you keep practicing you begin to understand more and more the mind of the other person.